Where To Get Discounted Dollars Today

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Discounted dollars still make sense.

Did you know, today you are spending dollars that are more valuable than tomorrow’s dollar will be? If you are paying cash for anything, you are using a high-value dollar. Tomorrow that dollar will not be worth the same amount due to inflation and the printing of money.

So you buy a tractor and you used your best dollar to do that. The ideal situation is to put your high value dollar (today’s dollar) into a tool that will allow you to buy discounted dollars, then use those discounted dollars to buy your tractor.

So, what if you could buy dollars, discounted dollars for the future? In essence, hedge against inflation! You may have the option to use 50 cents of today’s dollar to get a full $1.00 of tomorrow’s dollar? Yes, you give me 50 cents and I will give you $1.00 for every 50 cents. On top of that it’s a tax free dollar!

I know what you’re thinking.

That sounds like a dream, a scam or maybe I am living in CO smoking something, right?

None of those are the case, you just have to find the right tool that will gives you guaranteed discounted dollars and allows you to use them tax free.

Whole life insurance is that tool because of the guaranteed interest inside the policy (contract). By using whole life insurance contracts, you get to take advantage of a guaranteed compound interest rate through the life of the contract and when it’s structured correctly you are get discounted dollars more quickly.

With a contract like this you know what you are paying for your dollars and the cost of those dollars will not go up but they could go down. What if you could get a dollar for .40 cents? How many would you need and would you be in a position to buy them today?

Using the whole life contract you are able to hedge yourself against inflation with guarantees!

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Mary Jo


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