Thankful For The Gravel Road

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It’s the time of year where we are reminded to sit back and really think about what we are thankful for. Life is busy and unless we take the time we forget to look back on everything that has happened and enjoy those moments.

The road for me has been long with some rough gravel, but like driving on gravel you just get used to it and until you hit that smooth spot there aren’t any quiet moments. My year has been a bit like that.  It’s been rough, but I continue down the road to meet so many of you that have invited me into your home, your operation and your life. The “smooth spot” has arrived for just a bit and I am enjoying it all.

The road will never be paved, nor would I want it to be. So I continue each day down the bumpy, noisy, washboard filled, snow-covered gravel road.

For me, my business is not about selling an insurance policy but building a relationship and seeing my clients grow financially. It’s about having a conference and seeing people attend to better themselves, it’s about watching clients in excitement as they see the policy remain stable when the market falls, it’s about watching them build their operation without worry of the banks taking it, and it’s about seeing their face after they have read the book and learning that there is another way.  

I simply can’t put enough words together to explain how thankful I am for all of you who have allowed me into your homes by just buying the book, Farming Without The Bank. And then a couple of days later literally having me in your kitchen, feeding me lunch, and letting me help you.

Forcing myself to sit back and think about the last year has been awesome….I really should do this more often. I encourage you to take the time and do the same. In fact, join me over on the Farming Without The Bank Facebook page. I’d love to hear why you’re thankful this year. 

I sincerely thank you for allowing me into your life, you are not just a client to me but a new friend. If we have not yet met, we will!

Have a very happy and safe Thanksgiving,

-Mary Jo

Mary Jo Irman Author of Farming Without The Bank


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