Farming has changed, Financing the farm has NOT

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Think for a moment what it would be like to be farming with that horse and plow? Oh my gosh, we hear stories from the “old timers” about those days and can hardly process how anything got done. Farms were smaller then but labor intensive for sure.

I can still remember when neighbor farmers had tractors without cabs. We were lucky, as far as I remember, we never had a tractor without a cab. However, even those days seem to be far off.Farm Loans - Retro Clipart Illustration

As a farmer, you are not able to stop advancing. Your livelihood depends on how much you produce and how you can do that at the least operating expense possible. The advances in how farming is done are amazing in the short time frame in which things have changed. Thank goodness for the advancements.

Yet, what hasn’t changed is the way the operating expenses are financed. Farmers are still going to the local bank to borrow operating, land, equipment and cattle loans, to name a few.

Farming is still viewed as a family operation but it truly runs like a business. Kids and adults alike are taking Ag Management courses to help run their new business. Today’s farmers know if it’s not treated like a business they will be left in the dust.

Yet this is all taught within the realm of borrowing money or using cash (in the good years). I see article after article from farm finance experts trying to help farmers by creating financials under the realm of bank loans.

It’s time to change the way farms are financed and open your mind to advancing your financial system. You are building a business… and with the land, crop and cattle… come money. Where does the money come from to operate? The bank. Where has the money come from for the last 200 years to operate? The bank.

It’s time to change this!

Stop and think how different your financials would be if you could be the one supplying the money to your own operation. The control and freedom you would have if YOU were the banker.

Borrowing operating money from the local bank is like farming with a horse and plow. You aren’t going to get anywhere fast. You are not stuck in a rut of “old time” farming, but you most likely are stuck in the rut of “old time” financing. Let me pull you from your rut and show you how you can finance the operation yourself over time.

If you are ready to learn more please check out the video. All I ask is that you remain open-minded during this 8 minutes. Are you scared to try new technology for your operations? If not, then don’t be scared to try new strategies for your finances.


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