Does Size Matter

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Does Size Matter

The title of the book can be deceiving, and so many think it does not apply to them. I get the question all the time, “I am a big farm over 10,000 acres, or I am just a little farmer starting, will this work?”

Size does not matter.

If you are farming you have operating costs, and it doesn’t matter if you are big or small, the prices per acre are relative.

Every last one of you has to find a way to get operating money for your operation, and every last one of you has to put up collateral for the operating loan. If you are not borrowing you still have to figure out a way to come up with cash to operate.

I’ll repeat it, it’s all relative.

I don’t care what size the operation is when I visit with farmers you all have the same struggles, big or small. I just visited with a guy who has a $6,600 loan for cattle and FSA has EVERYTHING for collateral on that loan. So big or small guarantee is the name of the game.

If or when you get the book, the case studies may look too big for you or they may seem too small for you. It’s all about imagination, add a zero or subtract a zero. The numbers will work no matter how many zeroes you have some will be slower than others but getting started is the key.

Don’t let size discourage you from taking the first step to making the bank plan b. The way farmer’s finance has to change, and unless you decide to take that step, you will continue to finance it as if it were 100 years ago.

Grab your book here if you have not already and if you have it’s time to take that next step to make this happen. Remember it’s a process, and that process has to start somewhere that is a phone call away.

Call Mary Jo to get your time scheduled, 701-751-3917.

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