Peace and Mourning Comes At A Price

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The topic of this blog isn’t something I talk a lot about but now I feel it is necessary as it has hit close to home….death benefit. One of my friends lost her husband in a tragic accident yesterday and I just can’t seem to shake the concern for her and her children.

Allowing the Time To Grieve Is Just One Reason For Death Benefit

I am usually addressing the cash value and trying to teach you all how the cash value of the policy works and why it’s beneficial. When it comes to death benefit we talk about it briefly and touch on the basics of why you need it. Most understand why, but yet we don’t get down and dirty with it.

In the process of working with clients we are assigning far more death benefit then they would have ever imagined having. What I hear is, “Why do I need so much death benefit?” My answer is always the same, “Why not?”

Most of us think millions in death benefit is too much money and see it as making someone else rich.

However, I challenge you with one question: Is the death benefit leaving wealth to someone or is it allowing them the finances they will need to allow them adequate time to mourn? It’s about allowing your loved ones time to grieve.

One thing I do know is that bills do not stop coming and life around us continues and we are at a standstill and can’t even think of anything beyond what that hour or day will bring. Just think about the things that have to be decided upon from funeral arrangements and immediate things that need to be done to months of follow-up and changes to social security, insurance, credit cards, and loans.

Take Death Benefit Seriously

I have yet another friend who lost her husband a few months back and it took her two months just to figure out his password on his computer and that is where all the financial information was that she needed. He did make sure she was ok financially and thank goodness he did as she is emotionally exhausted every day and if she had to go to work it would be virtually impossible.

There are so many things we don’t consider and live like we are iron man and nothing is ever going to destroy us yet we all know we can’t outlive death. I’m sitting here today, typing this, and asking you to please provide your loved ones with the ability to mourn. Take the death benefit coverage seriously and stop worrying about leaving someone rich and start worrying about leaving them peace and time to grieve. That time comes at a cost for anyone and your loved ones deserve that.

Please hug your family a little tighter tonight and be thankful you got another day with them, I know I am.

-Mary Jo


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