Stop, With the Limiting Beliefs!

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What is your first reaction to seeing someone driving a brand new tractor or combine? How about that same guy who has a million dollar home in addition to that tractor and/or combine?

Are the first words out of your mouth?

“Must be nice.”

“I wouldn’t want that debt. Anyone can finance anything.”

“Rich just keep getting richer.”

“They make too much money.”

Thoughts like these are limiting and even I find myself thinking them at times.

Recently, I was invited to an event hosted by a young couple who are around thirty-five years old. This young couple graciously allowed many strangers into their brand new home, which was unbelievably gorgeous.

Now, I don’t say that lightly since I am one of those ladies who loves to look at new homes and critique them. My mom is a contractor and if there is a flaw in the wood, mudding, or paint I seem to find it. It truly amazes me what people pay for homes that are brand new and not finished to par.

Anyway, this home was amazing. This young couple did NOT leave out any details. They thought ahead to what they will need when they are 80 yrs old and needing care. Clearly, they do not plan to leave that farm anytime soon, and this WILL be their forever home God willing.

After a short tour by a friend of theirs I shared my thoughts with the couple.

“Your home is beautifully planned!” I said, “I love how much you paid attention to the details!” The wife’s response was something to the effect of “Thank you. Coming from what we lived in before this is great!” and the husband’s response was, “Thank you, we really saved every penny we made for years to build our dream home.”

I was astonished at the fact that they both felt as if they needed to justify why they had such a beautiful home and of course I had to say as much because I don’t keep my mouth shut. So I said “Who cares how you afforded it or what you had before and who cares if others judge you. You should be proud of what you have without having to justify it.”

They seemed refreshed to hear someone say that to them and the subject quickly changed to the “backlash” they are getting from those who think they are living lavishly.

You can probably tell that this subject has been bothering me for some time, but this incident sealed the deal. I needed to share how jealousy and curiosity played into the concept of wealth.


Just think what society would be like if people like this were asked how they did it rather than other assuming they are lucky. I have been told I ask too many questions, but I want to learn. There is a difference between being nosey and having a desire for new things.

The moral of the story here is STOP being jealous and start being curious.

In my experience, wealthy people love to share their story and help. I have yet to ask a wealthy person how they did it with them telling me to buzz off.

So how did this young couple and other couples I have as clients do this without financing their house?

  1. They saved money over the past 7-10 years when commodity prices were good.
  2. They worked hard and saved every penny they could.
  3. They did NOT buy things to avoid taxes; they understand cash flow. There should not be cash flowing out of your system but into it. If they couldn’t afford a piece of iron on $4.00 corn, they didn’t buy it on $7.00 corn.

Today, they still have cash flowing in and not out.

They also beat Parkinson’s law which you will find covered in the book Farming Without the Bank. Parkinson’s law is not easy to break, but those who do “break through it” seem to create far more wealth than those who don’t.

Order the book today and call 701-751-3917 to schedule a free no obligation consultation when you finish reading it.

-Mary Jo



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