Change Doesn’t Always Need to be Scary

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Change Doesn’t Always Need to be Scary

What may be the scariest thing to some outside of spiders and snakes?

Change. One tiny little word and throw a person into a tailspin.

Some people embrace change and live for it, in fact, they need it to survive. These are the people who stand in line for the newest technology.  Then we have those who are slow to change, but they will accept, those who upgrade to a smartphone.

Finally, those who don’t like change it all, they are still using that flip phone or maybe don’t even have a cell phone.

Does the fact that things change make them wrong?

Should new ideas be brushed aside because they are bad ideas because someone is undoubtedly trying to take advantage of you? No, most of you have upgraded your equipment to be using GPS,  that does not mean the GPS developer was trying to gain the power he was merely making your operation more efficient. The same can be said about the first tractors and combines sold with engines; it was to make your operation successful.

It is not different than what you see with Farming Without the Bank. It is a change in your thought process around money. It is a change in where you store your money. It is not someone trying to steal your money; it’s concept allowing you to make your money more effectively.

Let me paraphrase an author from a book I was recently reading; he said most timeless truths are incredibly simple and obvious yet overlooked by those not ready to see them.  It all stood out to me because so often I hear “scam” or “I call B.S.”

Is this happening from fear of change or ignorance that everyone is out to get someone? Remember, fear will keep us from getting what we want, especially in the arena of money.

I do not like change, in fact, I have NEVER rearranged my furniture. I have lived in my house for nine years; I don’t plan to reposition or move because that would change. However, I did recognize there had to be a change to my financial system because what I was doing was not working. My couch, however, works great right where it is.

We all know the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. That is what tends to happen when we are afraid of change. At least be fair to yourself and do a little research before you decide it’s B.S. or a scam before you know anything about it and embrace the change with at least a handshake, there are plenty of blog posts here for you to read.

If you are ready with open arms, you can order the book here for detailed information.

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Mary Jo


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