Are you a victim of the banks?

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Victim: a person harmed, injured, or killed as a result of a crime, accident, or other event or action.

Are you a victim of the banks?

We all know banks are tightening up their purse strings all the while requiring more financial information shared before lending money. By doing so this leads farmers to scream, Victim! You know the bank is treating you poorly, you leave there mad or let’s be real, you leave there pissed off!

You go home and you rant and rave to the wife, kids, neighbor, dog, cats, cows….it doesn’t matter anyone in your path hears about it. You feel like a victim. They are telling you they can’t give you more money.  Banks don’t believe you can pay or better yet, most of their customers can’t make the payment so you get the brunt of their cash flow issues. Banks tend to lump the industry into one and it quite frankly makes you mad.

You are mad today, and until they tell you they are able to give you the money and then all is well.  If you are like most farmers you forget very quickly how you felt and you are just relieved you can go on for another year.

So I have to ask, are you a victim of the bank or a victim of your mindset?

Are you a victim of your mind telling you there is no other option? Is your mind telling you it’s not possible to farm without the bank? Is your mindset to just settle with the bank because it’s easy and what you know?

Ask yourself, are you a victim of stinking thinking? The Bank makes people feel they are helpless without them.  Family and friends would warn them that it just was not possible, yet they went out and did it because they did not allow their thoughts to stop them.

In my book, Farming Without the Bank, I talk about our thought process around money. If we are thinking scarcity we will always think we’ll never have enough. If we think abundance we will figure out ways to have more and do what it takes to have more. I do not buy into this mentality of living within your means, that is killing our thought process. Ask yourself what do I need to do to have more? Quite possibly what do I need to do to get away from the banks all the while moving the control of my operation back to me!

Next time you walk out of the bank mad think about how that can change.

Think to yourself if we were meeting again three years from today, what would have had to have happened within three years for you to be in a better place than you are today? I’m guessing it’s by changing up a few things.

Those few things may include ordering the book, reading it and/or setting up a one-on-one appointment with me so you can start implementing what you read. It may also include getting the appointment set up because you’ve read the book or ordered the book and have taken NO action.

You would never skip planting and expect a crop to grow, it’s the same thing here. Plant your thoughts with abundance and abundance will grow.

Mary Jo


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