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Farm finance consultant, Mary Jo Irmen, shows you how to build a system that will allow you the freedom to borrow money without having to go to the bank. She delivers an eye-opening approach to the core financing challenges of farmers and ranchers-lost control of money and decisions.

You will see how you can:
• Build a financial system you own and control.
• Keep the interest and principal payments in your pocket.
• Get started in an industry filled with uncertainty.
• Set your own loan terms.
• Take back control of your financial resources.

The days of depending on the traditional bankers for farm finance can be put behind you. It is time to look forward and begin to understand how it is possible to farm without the bank.

This is America’s ONLY Book Showing You How to Farm Without the Bank

Inside This Book, You'll Discover...

  • The answer to never having to prove yourself to the bank again for a loan.
  • How to stop interest from going to the bank and keep that interest yourself...
  • How to remove the bank's name from your "paycheck"...
  • Why you are not too old to get started...
  • How you can take the farm over and buy out siblings without ever having to borrow money from the bank...
  • And much more!

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